At Fountainhead we believe that the old way is sometimes better.  That’s why our family brews our unique kombucha the old-fashioned way, delivering delicious small-batch flavors for over 50 years.

We’re serious about our craft and we only source the best ingredients made with the most authentic process, so you can feel good about what you’re drinking.

Project Type: Speculative Rebrand

foun·tain·head | ˈfount(ə)nˌhed | noun :  an original source of something

Fountainhead is a long-time maker of quality Kombucha. As one of the original kombucha brands, they sought a brand identity that would convey the quality, craftsmanship, and expertise that they have infused into their product over the past 50 years. The rename and repackaging conveys the rich history of flavor and commitment to quality that this unique family business brings to the market.

Fountainhead is committed to crafting kombucha that is delicious and eco-conscious. Their kombucha is for those who care about authentic flavors, healthy bodies, and the earth. As a brand and business, Fountainhead is committed on crafting Kombucha that is made the old way: small batch, quality flavors, and eco-friendly packaging.

Thoughtfully crafted packaging evokes old-fashioned quality with a modern burst of flavor. The paper labels and apothecary influences create an instant trust between the brand and the consumer while still retaining a modern influence and unique panache.