Constrained Bodies is an exhibition concerned with the ways in which the patriarchy confines and limits women and their bodies. Women are often subjected to unequal standards when it comes to submission, voice and the expectation of how much space we should take up. 

The exhibition seeks to comment on the unfair norms in which women’s bodies and voices are constrained. The work draws on themes of gaze, perspective, power, and voice to critique patriarchal structures, inspire change, and ultimately empower the women who enter the space. 

Project Type: Senior Thesis

Viewers walk through the exhibition wearing a pair of glasses with interchangeable colored lenses. Based on the color of the lens the viewer is wearing, different narratives are revealed. 

When looking without a lens, the male voice is most dominant, and reveled even more so when wearing the blue lens. However, when the viewer puts on the red lens, the famale voice is revealed. 
Each poster comments on the way women react when they are sexually harassed or abused. Many women are forced to keep their thoughts hidden for fear of violence or revenge if they do speak up. 

A set of promotional posters was also designed for the exhibition. Because the posters won’t be viewed with the lenses by those who see them on the street, they were designed to communicate the themes of the poster without the use of the lenses. The posters come across as slightly strange or even cryptic, sparking interest in the exhibition for those who see it. For those who attend the exhibition, the promotional poster are also on display to be viewed in full context through the two lenses.